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Learning to Paramotor - Cambridgeshire

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Hi all, another newbie here...

I've decided to learn to paramotor as this is something I've really wanted to do for some time now. Realistically I expect to start in 2013, but may find time later this year if the weather plays ball.

I live in St Ives near Huntingdon (i.e. just down the road from ParamotorsUK). I see they say you need a paramotor before learning - should I look to buy kit before I'm qualified or should I go to a school that supply all the kit? I'm 14 stone so will need a decent motor, but is there anything specific I should be looking for or avoiding?

I have done a days paragliding and I absolutely loved it... but I'm sure this is a far cry from qualified powered paramotoring.

Onwards and upwards

Many thanks


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Hi Lee,

There are a number of instructors on this forum, so you will get plenty of good advice on how and where to train.

I started in January this year and I'm now 1 flying exercise away from Club Pilot qualification under the BHPA scheme. This would have happened much quicker if it weren't for unpredictable weather and my prior commitments.

I have done my training at Airways Airsports in Derbyshire. A long trip, but I've done all the training in 6 weekends and you only do it once, so do it in a way that you're happy with.

Airways offer all training using their kit. Full details in my training blog.

It is my opinion that you can't be reasonably expected to commit to buying kit until you have at least some understanding of what you want - and that means fly before you buy.

Hope to see you as a regular on this forum and later in the skies.


Bailey 175

Ozone Indy

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Try giving Nigel a call at UKPPG in March he will train and supply all the equipment you need to get flying as well as excelent training you will get at least a dozen flights under your belt on his equipment he and Nikki will look after you well.

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Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for your kind responses.

I now see that there is a mountains of reading out there and so I've been getting myself up to speed. Can I ask if there is a realistic budget I should be looking to spend to get me up in the air (specifically all the kit inc radio, altimeter, wing, motor basic clothing, helmet etc)? Is it wiser to start with second hand kit as once experienced I guess you need to upgrade the kit beyond novice spec.

Is there a better time of year to learn? My guess here is winter as the cold mornings are obviously still vs the bumpy summers.

Really appreciate your feedback and yes I really hope I can join you aloft sometime in the future

Lee (Reaction) Jackson

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Hello Mate. I am relatively new to it my self. To give you a heads up on the cost of starting up I have just done it for just over 4500. That's 1800 on wing (revo 2), 2200 on motor (pap Ross 125) 70 on garmin vista gps, 120 on helmet, 200 on reserve and pap container then a repack on top. And 75 on a cheap radio and head set to get me by for now. Some good deals to be had if you decide to buy second hand (especially on the pmc auction site, that's for you Simon). Either way it's worth every penny when ya up with the birds.

And as far as weather goes, we are in England so as and when and just be grateful!!!

Good luck with it all!!!!

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