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Bungee starter cord for top80

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Has anyone done this?

1. what size dir you use? 7mm - 8mm - 10mm?

2. what covering did you use? Ocifiber, Nylon?

3. How long did you make the cord?

I'm looking to try this for inflight restarts (make them a little better. Also starting on the ground will be much better.

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I re-start my Top80 in flight on almost every flight at some stage. I love going up high, cutting the engine and then gliding down in silence..........well almost, there's always the wind whistling in the lines.

To business, I use 10mm, but if I could get hold of 12mm I would use it. Mine’s a loop, so that you can hook in your thumb. Doubled up, it measures 240mm from the knot.

Good luck,


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Ive got it on mine they come standard on the bulldog, ive just added a pull handle so its easier on the ground. The bungee is 10mm with a loop of 220mm i think the total length unwound would be about 450-500 mm.

Theres also a magnet which holds it in place further down the loop..



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I have done it exactly like it is shown in the Michel Carnet link.

Starting on the ground is as normal. Motor on your back and reach over your shoulder and hook your thumbs into the bungee, or just grab it with one hand.

Do I ever need to prime or use the choke in flight? No to both. It always starts first time, but remember it has only been off for a few minutes, so it's still warm. If you needed the to use the choke it would be easy anyway, just reach down to the right. I have never had to prime my engine apart from when I first bought it.

Safe flying,


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