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Coming soon!!

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Coming soon,

From SONY, a waterproof helmet cam with a pro Exmor sensor in it!!!! Price range to blow go pro out of the water I am told.

After using the Go-Pro 2 kindly let to us from Rigger, I was actually very impressed with the TV output of the footage, I dont know how it manages it with such a tiny sensor ( apart from blowing out the whites a little 'so set a little bright' )

This Sony hed cam will be amazing with a smaller version of the same pro sensor technology that our £6000 camera has!

Watch this space for loads of second hand go-pro's for sale !!

Can't wait!


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Ah found it


Sony has offered a first glimpse at its upcoming POV action camera, designed as a rugged video capture device suitable for mounting on handlebars, helmets and even for use underwater.

Designed to compete with the likes of the Go Pro Helmet Hero, Sony's as-yet unnamed product offers a wealth of technology from its larger camera models including SteadyShot image stabilisation - something likely to come in handy if the camera is used for sports footage capture - and an Exmor R CMOS image sensor behind an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss Tessar lens.

According to Sony's teaser release, the camera features high-definition video capture - although the company has yet to confirm whether that's 1080p Full HD or the lower-quality but still technically high-definition 720p - and a ruggedised body with no on-board display. A single button at the rear starts and stops recording - with a lamp indicating when recording is active - while a hold button prevents accidental button presses. A small LCD at the side of the camera provides feedback on battery level and storage space available.

The camera will come equipped with a multi-purpose mount which can adhere to helmets, handlebars, goggles and other surfaces. Sony has indicated that an optional waterproof casing will also be available to purchase. So far, however, Sony has not indicated to what depth the casing will operate. A stereo microphone is included at the front of the camera.

Full specifications of the device are not yet available, with Sony keeping quiet on battery life, recording times and pricing along with a planned launch date.

Author: Gareth Halfacree

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n English they are called “POV cameras” — cameras and camcorders that have “point of view” (Point-Of-View) of the athlete. For this purpose are usually fixed on the helmet or on pieces of sports equipment, how could it be the handlebar of your bicycle. This sector includes the well-known GoPro HD Hero or the Rollei Bullet HD.

These specialist firms, which produce only POV cameras, adding a Japanese giant building on its experience in both photo and video, Sony has just unveiled the prototype of the first POV camera. The images you see in the tunnel opening and come straight from Sony, but are given very little information.

We know only that it will have a backlit Exmor R CMOS sensor, image stabilization SteadyShot and, as evident from the pictures, a nice FishEye optics Zeiss Tessar. Unfortunately there is no news on when it will actually marketed and what will be the price of launching this Sony POV camera.

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They have doubled up on the Go Pro SPEC ....... AND, chopped the price in half!!!!

Xmoor sensor, and 120Fpm HD.

Ordered in the next few days. :-)


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