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Weekend Weather Forecast 29/6/12

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Issued 1100 Friday 29th June 2012


Low pressure is in control of the weather across the British isles on Saturday. A trough across southeast England in the morning may bring some rain or showers here at first (confidence is low in how heavy this rain might be). Indications are that the rain area probably travels eastwards, clearing by mid morning and then leaving brighter spells here.

Elsewhere there will be a mix of sunshine and showers. There is the threat of the showers becoming heavy through the morning, and these tending to group into more organised areas as then head northeast.

The occluded front to the west tending to show where more unstable air is, but behind the front conditions should improve through west wales and western England in the afternoon with some sunny spells coming through.

There is the threat of more persistent rain and low cloud through Ireland and western Scotland, but more eastern parts of Scotland should be brighter with some sunny spells.

Winds will be mainly SW 18-25kt (F5-F6) but 30kt at times (F7) along southern coasts. Watch for an increasing to 35kt (F8) over western coasts of Wales and southwest England into the late morning and early afternoon. More westerly winds over western Scotland and Ireland at around 18-22kt (F5).



Critical to the development of weather through Sunday is cold air at medium levels in the atmosphere. It is this which has been creating the instability and allowing showers to develop. During Sunday this cold air will be starting to warm through from the west and so as pressure builds conditions should improve.

There will be some showers in more northern and eastern parts of the country through the morning. These showers could be heavy at times. One or two showers further west too, and again an odd one may be heavy very early in the morning.

However the emphasis is on the showers fading from central and western areas with some good sunny spells forming. The sunshine not lasting long through Wales and western England though as cloud and rain, already into Ireland in the afternoon, spread east into the evening.

Winds mainly W 20-25kt (F6) for most but to 30kt (F7) in northeast Scotland. Backing SW 22 to 28kt (F6 occ F7) through Ireland later and then SW England in the evening.



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