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Ideas please - frontal collapse at launch? What causes it?


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Hi All, I was flying last night with a friend who struggled to get off. We took some vid and you can see it here.


As you can see he suffers from a frontal as the wing is coming up. This ended badly as he caught a few lines in the prop.

Some info - high hangpoint, Dudek Reaction, trims on 0, speedbar attached.

The only thing we can think of is the speedbar lines are too short, but he has changed nothing. He is going to check this later.

Just thought I'd ask on his behalf.



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Yes - big A's - a fantastic training demo for others. The wing isn't even flying when he applies power. Get him to do this launch with the engine off. 3 successful attempts/practices to get the wing flying and then he could apply power.

As a possible side issue, just check the length of the A's to the manual.


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Hi Simon,

Changing from low to high is often an issue for people so dont think your alone there. :-)

Stand up, let the power / forward movement pull the wing up, and use the A's to 'guide' it and you will be away.

(top tip, look at the sky when taking off not the ground ;-)


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Also try holding your hands down at waist height and let the wing come up naturaly. (Crucifix position ) That way you will not be forcing the A's just hold onto them and dont lean down so much then look straight up... i pretty much had the same issue on my high hang point.

Good luck ..

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A nice clean forward launch wont require and specific type of lay out other than flat on the ground.

The tucking the ears thing is from old Paragliding days when wings were heavy and slow.

If the wing is lay out flat, and launched correctly, it will come up inflated without the need to wait for the tips to pop out.

Pop down to the school on a busy day and watch our guys doing them all day long :-)


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