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Bad Luck (Where is my new speedster)

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Man what a bad day (thought I'd share my bad luck)

As some of you guys might know I have a Nuc and just bought a new 26m Speedster. I'm a Canadian living in Brazil. So shipping the wing to Brazil is not an option unless I want to pay minimum 60% tax at the boarder

So I shipped it to Canada and have been waiting like a pregnate lady for my baby to come. So month and a half later the wing is on a plane to San Paulo! Man I can wait, make things better the weekend looks crazy good.....

http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?go ... &sc=122062

Shit 29,30,1,2 nothing but sun and 4-5kns...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I just got a call that the bag did not come from San Paulo to RIO!!!!!!!!!!! and to make matters worse the lady at San Paulo took the boarding pass from my buddy that had the luggage tickets! How do you lose a wing from San Paulo to RIO?

He's telling me they don't know what happen. Man what a package to lose.....

Now I'm on the edge waiting for an update.

Thank god he took my new Flytech out.

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My baby has reappeared. She has been flying around without me. Found her on the other side of Brazil.

Wow what a nightmare losing a new wing at $$$$$$ in Brazil. Normally when things go missing here its because someone needed it more then you.

what a relief


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:-) Happy days

I just had a couple of thousand quid go missing in the banking system for over 2 weeks! That appeared today as well :-)

I am sure I would not have it now it it had landed in a Brazilian bank LOLOL


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