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help, need a prop for pap 1100 as


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i have an older pap 1100 as solo 210 powered motor. I smashed the original 4 blade prop and am having a hell of a job finding another. has anyone fitted a 2 blade prop to one of these ? the prop is 98 cm long and has 6x6mmx50mm mounting holes. also would anyone know the correct pitch ?

thanks in advance


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You could also try TP props they are on the net based in Thialand and do a huge range of props two blade, three blade and four blade in all the popular sizes. Their delivery time is pretty good as well 3 days for the one I ordered. Hope you get one soon as not flying is just a bummer.

Cheers Col......

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Hi James,

I am fairly new to this sport, but I'll give you my take on it. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

2 bladed props are more efficient than 4 bladed. More blades allow bigger motors to have a smaller prop diameter. Fitting a 2 bladed prop will depend on your reduction - drive ratio. The idea is to keep the prop tips spinning about Mach 0.6. After this it gets too noisy and less efficient. 2 stroke engines produce the most power at high rpm, hence the reduction drive to keep the prop speed down.

To work out your tip speed take the rpm multiply by prop diameter (in inches) then divide by 256000 for example:

6500(rpm) x 44(inches - prop diameter) divide by 256000 = 1.12(Mach) which would be ridiculous, hence the need for the reduction drive.

The Vittorizi Easy 100, also the new pulse prop uses the same size as you mentioned (6 x6mm x50mm) running anti-clockwise.

The reply might be a bit geeky, but it will hopefully help someone.


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I've never liked prop installations like the FB Monster or the PAP 1100 Solo with 4 blades as they just give you the chance to wreck 2 props in one stumble rather than one!

Paul Kilburn was the UK importer for TP until recently and still has a load of their stock which may suit you. The prop I tried from Thailand was shocking though, although I believe they are not as apalling as some of the $55 props from Mexico some of my friends have tried!

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