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Long suffering noobie looking for someone/instrutor to help

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Lo peeps ;)

After suffering from March until now at the hands of The Houdini school of seek him here seek him there flying instructor any excuse not train you flying school, i have finally left after much frustration and scare mongering. :'(

I live in Beckenham/Bromley and are willing to travel approx up to 120 miles return if someone could either take me under there wing or recommend someone whom i will pay for your time to learn me how to fly.

I'm at the stage where i can reverse launch and keep the wing flying over head and turn and forwards running and controlling the wing.

im so desperado and enthusiastic and i just need a bit of help getting up there among the birds ;) literally i mean.

Ive got all my own equipment from a ground handling wing/harness etc including my wing and para motor.

So please guys and girls if you can or think of anyone that can please let me know and i would be eternally grateful.

Kind regards


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Hi Vinnie

I hope you know who this is and wanted to say hello online and on here :wink: Appreciated the call this morning and its good to hear of such a thriving Paramotoring scene in Kent and close by. Looking forward to seeing you flying beside me amongst the clouds and birds very soon. I cant wait until September and October so lets get scooting :D Speak soon my friend, speak soon!!!!!


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Hi all

Can i just say a big thank you for all the support and your kind words.

Today i meet up with one of your members and he has kindly offered to help out and to join there thriving little section of this club and a gentleman if ever there was one.

It is these actions by people like yourselves that really do bring a ray of hope and companionship to the new and wide eyed individuals who feel overwhelmed and dear i say vulnerable individual first exposed to this great sport.

As regards to the huh em flying school/individual im still going through the process of claiming some of my fees back.

i would love to name and shame but to be honest im not sure of the legal situations here but I will add that im aware of quite a few of your members in the Kent area that have had similar experiences to me and know of whom i speak. There are others no doubt who would disagree with me and would recommend this man.

Due to the above i don't feel at liberty to name and shame and as frustrating as it is i will have to think of a way of protecting some other poor individual that will be lured into the spiders web.

Kind regards


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It was good to meet. Glad I can help in some way.

I have to be honest, after our chat I was shocked.......to say the least!! :shock:

A couple of the chaps I fly with have had similar experiences and finally changed instructors.

My personal early experience I have to say was not that bad....................but at the time I grew to be wary and doubted some of my training. Since then I have pretty much been flying on my own, but it is much nicer flying in the company of others.

I like to think that all 'us' pilots are ambassadors to the sport, helping newbies where we can to get them started in this great sport.

I am sure others will air their feeilings on here in due course..............


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