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Which Books?

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I'm thinking of having another go at Paramotor, just can't seem to forget the idea of flying one..

Which is the best book to use, or books ??

Regards... Rob...

Hi Rob, I'm suffering the same thing as well - can't get the idea of freedom from my head (suppose that comes from having 2 noisy kids!!) I'm just looking at starting (and trying to raise some funds!!) & bought the book - Paramotoring From The Ground Up by Noel Whittall, that's a good read & very informative too.

Let me know how you progress........

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Rob999 and craigs

There is a better book. The name is "Get your ass to the training field"

This book is full of great info and you will gain a ton of good knowledge with a few scrapes.

lol just taking a poke at you :)

I ordered this volume, by Dean Eldridge, in a field by me..... What a truely informing read it is, never have I worked up such a sweat....!!!!!!!!

I had a day out with Deano, and a great day it was as well... I need a ground handling harness and wing now...

Does anyone have one they want to sell, wing and harness that is, ground handling only..

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