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At last, an evening with excellent conditions for PPG.

The weather has been so variable this is only my third flight this month. On Friday last I flew but there was quite a breeze at height, so unless you decide to land out downwind somewhere you don’t get to use much of the sky.

I was hoping the forecast for Sunday was showing full cloud cover so it wouldn’t get too thermic in the morning but the cover was only partial.

One problem with flying from the microlight strip at this time of year is that the grass areas other than the runways are allowed to grow tall. The farmer eventually cuts and bales it for his use. When the wind direction isn’t directly down one of the runways it restricts the length of take off run.

I was all set up with hopefully enough space but sods law shifted the wind direction a little once the wing was inflated. I ran like… well – a running thing, closer and closer then straight into the long grass without the lift to clear it.

If you’ve tried taking off from long grass, as I know some of you have, it doesn’t work :( Not with my legs anyway.

I repositioned close to the runway intersection, giving me a little more room and managed to lift off before the long grass on my second attempt. By this time things were a bit thermic so I only had a short time in the air before returning.

Yesterday evening though was perfect. Wind aligned with runway :D A Hoopoe flew over as I approached the motor to strap in. (Look them up, a very attractive bird)

A text book take off, legs still swinging as I left terra firma. MP3 player on (could do with a brighter screen) and all’s well.

Got to several hundred feet and marvelled at how clear the view was. Looking westward there are two cooling towers at a nuclear power station that is 52km away (about 32 miles).

Took a shot of the view, I have altered the exposure on this to show the sky better:


Lovely conditions, flew around for some time and passed over the best known chateau of the area:


Came down for some low level flying at about 80 feet and it struck me there were no cars or people about. Don’t usually see many anyway, I thought everyone’s watching the footy. That means a lot less chance of breaking the 500 foot rule so I stayed low close to some roads and a fishing lake. Whilst I was low I saw how much damage has been done to some of the crops with the wind and rain we’ve had:


Eventually sauntered back to the vicinity of the strip but did some more low level, flying really low over a cornfield, so low I could smell the wheat, fabulous.

I did a couple of circuits and took this shot from a slightly higher perspective as it’s a bit tricky taking photos at almost ground level:


So a brilliantly enjoyable flight, 60 minutes of proper fun.

Cheers, Alan

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Thanks. Had another great one last night, lots of radada - low level flight.

I went over to Wanafly in the morning for somewhere different to fly, arrived at 7:40.

Unfortunately the runway was very wet and there was nil wind. I gave it two goes but with a wet wing and no breeze to help I didn't manage to fly.

So last night I went to Prissac ULM, decided on just me and the motor/wing so I could just enjoy the flying.

Had 1 hour and 7 minutes of perfect flying, sooooo enjoyable :D:D:D



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