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POLINI THOR 200 Threadlock required!!


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Hey folks,

Saw this on facebook...

If you have a Polini Thor 200...be advised...(this is from Polini - translated from French to English using google translate).

We found a 200 engine THOR an abnormal de-clamping screw propeller housing.

Naturally, it can compromise the safety in flight.

Can not ensure that it does not check on other engines, check the proper closure of these screws (shown in the photograph attached to pieces) by unscrewing them (one by one to avoid any oil leak) and screw by putting a drop of medium strength Loctite.

We apologize for the inappropriate and not to have discovered during our testing prior to sale, but we're sure you'll understand and we count on you to notify all owners of THOR 200 sold so far, to able to proceed with this control and avoid the problem in future.

Regarding the new engines, we have changed the trial assembly.

Not sure how old it is, so check with your paramotor manufacturer or drop Polini a line.

All the best


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I have got to be honest here...

There is no way that I would assume that another person has taken as much care over my machine than I ever will.

I ALWAYS check things like engine mounts before every flight.. and every time I have purchased a new machine for myself or a student it all gets checked for tightness. I am not trying to blow my own trumpet here... its basic stuff that everyone should do every time they fly.

On top of that, of course this message was here, and on the other thread which you have replied to I think or even started??

Check all bolts means ALL bolts.

Sorry if I sound a little naggy mother here but lets be honest... it's all about Pre filghts (the main one being to check tightness of all bolts on delivery from the factory where someone gets paid peanuts to build as many engines as possible.

When you buy a new Motorcycle, it normally will tell you to re-tighten everything after the first hour. It's quite a normal thing with new stuff. :-)


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When you buy a new Motorcycle, it normally will tell you to re-tighten everything after the first hour. It's quite a normal thing with new stuff. :-)


I agree with Simon here. The only small problem I had so far with my miniplane was a cylinder head bolt that fell off within the first 5 hours of paramotor life. It caused a scratch on the propeller which was fixed quickly with soda and epoxy.

My fault, the manual stated clearly that you have to tighten the bolts after the first few hours.

I do that regularly even though it is almost not needed now after 200+ hours. Structure and motor is settled.

You have a vibrating machine on your back, and that means everything needs a regular check.

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As regards to the "engine falling out".... The alloy rod that attaches to the barrel was held on with a bolt that screwed in a total of 6mm , into soft alloy , and it did nt unscrew , it stripped the threads in flight , possibly with vibration , more than likely it was nt up to the job .

The way the engine mount is fitted , its impossible to check the tightness of the bolt , because the frame is in the way . The only way is to give it a visual and a jiggle .

Polini have been informed ( apparently ) , because it was a standard fitment .

I took said alloy rod to my local engineering shop to be drilled to a 30mm depth , with Loctite on .

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one question

do you think someone should speed wire( safety wire) bolts on PPM? It is this alittle over board?

I had to fit a buddies motor mount on his Paratoy because the bolt came loose and wrecked the threads. Had to put a helicoil it for him.

When I race street bikes we had to speed wire every bolt . When you went through tech and they seen one bolt not No race that day.

Just thinking about safety here and not wrecking a carbon prop with a bolt or nut going through it.


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It seems like nobody knows a little about about aviation mechanics safety in this forum... ? the name of the game is "safety wiring"... it has been done in aviation since the beginning of times... All Critical Bolts have a little hole drilled in their head and a malleable wire is inserted, twisted and inserted again in the next bolt, in groups or chains of 4 to 8 bolts, and repeated again until ALL bots in critical life supporting systems have been secured...

Check wikipedia... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safety_wire... Charles Lindberg used this technique in his airplane before crossing the Atlantic ocean at the first half of the past century, and still used today, it's actually mandatory in ALL air-frame and power-plant aviation mechanics.

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