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Choice of wing for a new (potentially) PPG Pilot

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Hi all,

I'm new to this site but couldn't resist joining after many months of reading the posts on PPG subjects; it really is a useful website :D

I'm sure, and I have seen very similar posts, that a lot of people have started out with the idea of getting into the air on a PPG but soon become confused about the type of wing and motor to use as a beginer as there is so much clever marketing and according to any person selling a wing or motor theirs is the best. I am settled on a motor and a good friend almost gave it away but as for a wing... :? My weight floats between 12 and a half to 13 stone so maximum is average 82.5 Kilo's, and of course the motor.

I have been flying light aircraft for years, all shapes and sizes and the odd microlight so no problem with the idea but I am captain safe and want a wing that I know will be a good and easy to use system. Obviously there is no guarantee of avoiding problems as turbulence and other nasty surprises can jump out from nowhere and it is easy to become over confident as hours increase but if the wing is safe at least you have a chance, and with a reserve.

The type of flying I would want is just simple calm early morning or evening air. I want to be able to have something which doesn't constantly need to have the brakes in the hands so that hands off flying will be safe for taking aerial photography (when air is calm). The idea of competition is not really something I would be interested in other than as a spectator. Low flights over the countryside (only after a study of the area so that I don't end up tangled in power lines and not above deep water) woudl be an attraction too and finally just a steady cruise to take in the scenery and appreciate the feeling of being the only person on the planet when up there. Because of wanting a nice simple (some may say boring) way of flying PPG I doubt I would want anything too sporty later on and will likely keep whatever I buy now until it needs replacing.

There are four wings which I have studied and in no particular order of choice.

1. Dudek Synthesis EN/C

2. Paramania Revolution 2 EN/B

3. Kobra Enjoy (ITV Boxer) EN/A

4. Ozone Indy... Not really impressed with this but thought I would mention all four I have narrowed down.

A very qualified instructor told me that the EN ratings don't always put a wing in a bad light, for example the Dudek Synthesis is EN/C but a good safe wing for a beginer and later on when you want more fun.

The Semi Reflex profile of the 'Enjoy' wing from Kobra is a bit of a mystery to me as I'm not sure if this would need active flying when encountering rough air. I know most wings would be best controlled with some pilot input when flying in turbulance but the semi-reflex has me slightly confused. I have no experience at all with any form of PG pr PPG wing so this is all new to me.

I have been offered a Dudek Synthesis for a very good price and also the Enjoy for a great deal.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Apologies for such a long first post but I want to make sure I get this right as wings, you all know, are not cheap even when getting them for a good second hand price.



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Guest chrisg547

I can't vouch for any other wing but i have a Revo2 26 (96kg in the buff + Volution2 Macro) and its great.

Have flown it in everything from smooth to rough stuff. Even if its a bit bumpy i will fly hands off and only out of caution go to the brakes for something to hold.

Its seems to be nice and steady and just when i was thinking i should go to a more responsive wing I upped the inputs and was surprised how much more there is in it.

Like i said i can't vouch for other wings but I can't see the Revo2 being bettered by much for a beginner.

If i had to start again i would do it all the same way.

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Indeed it is,

I had one for a couple of years and have just witnessed a couple of guys flying 860 miles is very lumpy weather on them. Its all good as for as the Synth and the Revo 2 (which I also have on of)


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Thanks again all for the useful feedback and positive comments about the Synth, you have confirmed what I already had in mind as my number one choice of wing :D

I'm sure the Revo 2 and Boxer (Kobra Enjoy) are just as nice but the Synth seems to be getting the best reviews from people I talk to about this subject, not really much said about the Ozone.

All those miles, 860, in rough air is very impressive. I spoke to Francis Rich at White Horse PPG and PG club and he also rates the Synth for a beginer or a more advanced Pilot. Looks like I need to get my cash out for the Dudek. I really appreciate the advice as it is tough to choose the right wing with all the hype surrounding nearly all manufacturers products.

Best regards,


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