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New to paragliding, need advice

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Hey guys!

So I'm very new to paragliding, in fact I haven't taken the license or bought any equipment yet.

This is pretty hard to understand without any experience and I was wondering what paraglider is best for me?

What I'm looking for is an easy-to-use paraglider, it should be "newbie friendly" but should also tolerate some harder winds. My budget is around 5655$, is this too low or do you think I'll get a good deal for it?

I live in Sweden and there's not many places that sell paragliders, so I'm kinda limited to what I can buy. But please come with suggestions and advice!


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Hi Ninami,

First off welcome to the Paramotor Club :-) My advice would be for you to wait until you have found your instructor before you start looking into buying a wing. But If it's Paragliding you want to do (rather than Paramotoring) you need to be looking at a wing that is DHV1 or DHV 1-2 rated paragliding.

Something like this http://www.paramotorclub.org/auction/item.php?id=24

But as I say, best advice is to wait until you have found your instructor first :-)


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