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Using trikes?

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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone here could clarify something for me. I have an old friend (literally, he's in his 70's) who has a passion for flying. He used to fly hang gliders back in the day. Thing is he would dearly love to get back flying, and is rather taken with the idea of PPG's. However, there is no way he could be able to foot launch one. Now, as I understand things, trikes are a little different as they invoke the need for a PPL unless they can be demonstrated as being able to be launched on foot. The area that seems a little grey to me is demonstrated by whom? Because, if push came to shove, say someone else could get the trike airborne on his behalf then he would be laughing wouldn't he? Or am I doing a little wishful thinking here? :?

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Sounds like you're practically knitting the letters of the law and making a flying suit :D

I'm guessing if you get asked by someone "official" (not sure who that would be) the pilot in charge woukd have to foot launch. Whether that's the fella who was actually spotted flying it I don't know. :)

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Looked around to see what you guys were on about and only found one video of a foot launch trike..



Looks a little nice alternative for those that are a bit weak in the knees, and you don,t have to go through all the licencing rigmarole.

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