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Dear all,

We are about 48 hours away from go live with the PMC auction site. Below are a few points to note about it.

1. Your log in will be the same as for this forum.

2. Full members, Can list (non trade) items for free. If you choose to make your item featured, or on the home page a small charge will be made, From 50p to £1 depending on the selection made.

3. Non paid members, It will cost you £1 to list an item and slightly more to make items bold or shown on the homepage.

4.Trade members (people with banners) can list as many items as they like for free (as long as its not the same item duplicated.) contact me if you would like more info 07983 428 453

5. When you first attempt to buy or sell something you will be asked for more information depending on what you have already filled in for this forum under member details.

6. The classifieds section will be no more :-( the same link will take you to the auction. :-) :-)

Ummmmmm, I think thats it but I will add more as questions pop up.

Most importantly...

Please give us feedback when you have used it, good or bad so we can make it better for you.


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There is an 'Other' Section :-)

I can add sections as and when required.

The main idea for the auction / classifieds is to be a targeted place for Paramotor pilots to look for kit, so the focus in on that.


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