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Zoot headset suitability?

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Hi all

I'm just in the process of sorting a helmet/radio/headset. Have pretty much settled on purchasing the Icaro UL fly (recommended by one or two on here). Will this be a suitable headset? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ZOOT-HEADSET- ... 683wt_1413 I have ordered some Peltor Optimas and was hoping that I may be able to incorporate the Zoot successfully. Assuming that they are okay together am I then bound to choosing an Alinco/Icom radio or are there cheaper compatible options?

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bilbo, find a mate who can solder some connectors for you, then you could buy one of these radios:


It is rather infuriating that the connections are different. At least the radios come with an earpiece/microphone unit that you can butcher to provide the correct plug/lead for the radio.

You only need two sockets and a resistor then.



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....erm. To be honest I was just hoping to be able to drill a couple of holes in the headset and away I go, lol. Not sure i'd know what to do with a resistor :oops: Somewhat bizarrely, my soldering skills are excellent as I used to help my step-dad with his electronics projects. But I never actually knew what I was doing. He'd just tell me "Solder this transistor here, and that capacitor there" and off I'd go. Looks like I've got another trip up "Expensive Street" :(

Thanks both :)

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