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Clive Bunce?

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Where is Clive Bunce and the 2 Paramotors I've ordered?

Does anyone know where Clive is? I ordered a Bulldog Moster on the 18th of March and a Polini not long afterwards and I've heard nothing since, my students are getting fedup and wanting to cancel there orders and after repeated texts and voice mails I've heard nothing, does anyone know where he is or what's happened to him?

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I don't know if he's away or something, but I've never had anything but quick replies to any queries or problems from Clive.

I bought my Bulldog largely on customer service recommendations from other pilots, seems a bit strange to me that he wouldn't/hasn't replied at all?

Hope you get things sorted soon.

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He has certainly looked after me when brought my Bulldog from him. Bent my frame when i snagged my lines phoned him and within a week i received all new parts which he has never charged me for. Always been helpful when i phoned for some advice which was on quite a few occasions..

Top man in my opinion hope you get it sorted ..

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I will also vouch for Clive, He sorted me out for my motor pre bulldog days, and even now looks after me for serviceable parts.

I am sure he will hear soon enough that you have gone to a public forum looking for him.

From what I have heard from Bulldog owners i have not heard a bad review yet.


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He is flat out working on orders at the moment and may have his phone on silent to avoid distraction.

Sounds like my local Tesco's - the staff there hate being distracted by customers and often go out of their way to ignore you ...... :lol:

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