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Helmet question

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Hi all

Part way through training at the mo' and have, up 'til now, been using a free flight helmet (open-faced Lazer). Not trained with motor running yet so not had need for ear muffs. However, the time is fast approaching that I shall need something. Thing is do I have any options for my current helmet? If not, what helmet/headset options do I have at the "ahem", budget end of the market? If I wait until Airways make their recommendations I shall leave a very poor man :oops: Ideally I would like to be able to incorporate radio comms into the equation.

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Icaro are one of the best helmets out there but come with a price to match. Micro avionics helmets are good but cumbersome with the com's.

There are a couple of cheaper units , Plus max and NAC. Nac is a copy of Icaro but still pricey

I think the fly UL by Icaro is a great helmet you can buy it with the com's or without and retro fit them when ever you have the funds

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I would second exactly what Morgy has just stated!

I started out with a M/A helmet, reasonable price/qaulity. But when the seperate headset was used, it was a royal PIA for me!! I just could not get on with the headset moving around under the helmet, creating more distractions.

So, purchased the Icaro and bribed Morgy with posh pies to retro fit my M/Avionics headset.

Brilliant combination now.

Still use the M/A helmet for ground handling though.

Not a cheap setup, but qaulity never is...... :wink:

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