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Electric paramotors


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There appears to be growing excitement about the prospect of electric paramotors, as there has been with electric cars, bikes etc.

Electric machines that need to move their own weight will always be fundamentally limited by the fact that they have to carry all their fuel. An IC engine carries half it's fuel (i.e. petrol) while the other half is air. A battery contains all the chemicals required to store electrical energy, and doesn't get any lighter as you drain it.

Electric paramotors, cars and bikes will improve as hardware becomes lighter and more effecient, but the same improvements can mostly be applied to IC engines or any other prime movers.

Perhaps in 10 years paramotors will be sufficiently light and effecient for electric power to be practical. However, the same machine may be able to fly with a 100cc four stroke engine, with the advantages of lower mass and fuel payload.


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