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This is probably a post for Alan.................as he appears to be the guru in all things radio.

I have a radio and peltor cans to communicate with fellow pilots but I am now after an intercom system. Is there anything on the market I can use with an ear piece(pieces), to be used in conjunction with my existing set up?................I am contemplating a set up for tandem use? The current radio set up I have has no fascility for plugging in so I am thinking a stand alone system? Rather than hard wired cables for linking with a passenger is there a remote radio type system available?.

Alan, any help or direction in this matter greatly appretiated.


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Hi Mike,

not been asked about intercoms before, I also suggest looking at the motorcycle intercom market.

It's a mature market and I'm sure you'll find something suitable.



PS. One point to note is the American models operate on different frequencies to PMR446.

They would be technically illegal to use in the UK.

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