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ppg blinkers?

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Available yes..... even made a set myself-


Even though these are better than anything currently on the market- in hindsight i wouldn't bother with them. No need for them, keep it simple- it's another distraction, a system to go wrong and weight you dont need to carry. I'd rather be 500g lighter, or carry 500g more fuel!

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Search the page for "Super Bright Strobe Light Kits"

These are xenon, tuneable flash interval and run on 10-14.5v.

Ring in at $6 and weigh very little.

Strobes are embedded in clear acrylic and are waterproof and indestructible in daily use, including cage mount.

Control board is vibe sensitive and requires potting/filling in silicone to avoid shaking a large capacitor off the board over time, but easy mod.

Cheapest strobe I've found and wired into my battery on a common switch with my low fuel warning LED.

I extended the leads with RC three wire extensions for easy disconnect with cage quadrants.

If you forget to turn them off when disconnecting, they will even remind you (bzzt).

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