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Look's like the rain here in Brasil has stopped and a good weekend for flying is coming

might even get a long haul PPG trip up the coast!


1. need to get some fuel

2. stay out of the beer

3. connect the ground on the new digit throttle control

4. stay out of the beer

5. charge all the "fred's" (F'n ridiculous electronic devices)

6. stay out of the beer and away from people offering beer

It's been a shit week at work and a nice weekend for flying is here

cheers to all, lets see some pictures Monday!


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2. stay out of the beer

I like that, what do you do, swim in it?

The last flight on Thursday evening finished rather well with my mate getting a couple of cans out of his van. He was hoping to fly, he's still training, but the beer tasted good all the same :D

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THat was not the weekend I planned!

Saturday turned out to be a kite surfing day well kind of. I was a little worried about the wind so I put the kite gear in the truck. As I was driving to the launch site the further north I went the stronger the wind was getting. At our favorite kite site I decided to stop and have a look. Wind was about 14kns or so. I parked the truck and pulled out my 16m kite went for a session. Only to find that my main bladder in the 16m now has a hole!!!! So I had to kite for 20min land blow the kite back up kite and repeat...... after about three times of this @#$! it was clearly beer time!

Sunday more south wind...... crap. I waited most of the day until 1pm then headed to the launch site good for south wind. Man it was bad wind (gusty, with to much rain around).... went for a little rip and after about 15min I turned to look for my Buddy and he was gone..... I could only guess he had some problems and landed behind one of the ridges. Man my hard was pounding. I made a b-line to land grabbed the truck hit 4X4 and tore off down the beach. when I got there thank god I seen him all in one peace (motor just decided to stop and he had to make a quick landing).

For all the new guys always have a couple landing options during flight....always!

Anyways after all the excitement 2 hours later the wind went calm and crazy flat so I decided to put on some tunes, launch and empty the mini of fuel!

I hope for a better weekend next!


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