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I went flying this evening at a new site, and as I was getting out of the car to set up a Police car pulled up, it was part of his routine beat and he was just checking we were not fly tipping. We got chatting as he was interested and wanted to watch us for a bit.

Things were all going well and he was very friendly, he asked one of his coleagues over the radio if he wanted to come and watch as well, one thing led to another and it transpired that one of his other coleagues had had some complaints form Southbourne (a.k.a Hambrook, but they had been unable to track anyone down). So I gave him my details and he will contact me tomorow.

He proceeded to watch me fly and was quite happy, we discussed various aspects of the law i.e. the 500ft rule so that he had a better understanding.

What I need to know is can any one point me to the formal caa section of law so that when he calls tommorow he has all the information he need to go back to the complainant and explain that we are within the law and there is nothing he can do.

He did not find it offensive and did not think it was a problem, it is just that they do not know the law and did not know were to start.

All that said and done I will find out where the complaint came from and we will extend our avoid areas if possible as we doint want to annoy any one if possible.


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Are we to understand that police officers do not have direct access to this kind of information and are forced to rely on, in this case, bumping in to someone who knows where to find the information, by chance?

I can't imagine trying to do my job without a substantial library of data, calculations and regulations readily available.

Good on you for enlightening your local constabulary.


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Thanks for the information it is exactly what I was looking for.

I think the issue was for the police, that by the time they got there to investigate every one had left or they did not know where we were taking off from.

In the first instance I think they just wanted to speak to us, but my feeling is forewarned is forearmed, and if I can show them we are doing nothing wrong then it will make it easier to explain to those people near by.

I think it is just that some people do not know what is right or wrong and just call the Police to make sure (In some cases for concern for you saftey)

I am sure that the police could have found the information out, but I think they have better things to do with their time. As this particular policeman was very understanding, he explaind that they get really silly complaing about children playing football and laughing too much and having a good time (In the park, but too noisy for an old lady living near by)

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Pete to be honest the local bobbies would have the same access to air law that civilians do plus a data base of criminal law that if it's anything like ours is bloody useless and difficult to search. What tends to happen is you get a job that's really unusual and have no idea what to do with it at first so you rely on free flowing bullshit to blag it at first contact till you can find someone who can point you in the right direction. Problem is at work it can be hard to find info that concerns stuff well off the usual channels and have to rely on google!

When I started paramotoring I couldn't believe the number of rules and also the lack of regulation most of my colleagues still can't. One thing is for sure if you have helped the bobby get rid of a ball of shit hanging round his neck so he could write up the job up and move on he will be well pleased with you.

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It would make it 5 out of the 10 flyers.

But you know Mark, if he could sell kit to the other 5 he would.

But it is not going to happen we ALL just have to be really careful not to disturb the neighbours any more.

Setup and fly away for those of us not under instruction.

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Steve you should know me by now i am only joking :wink: BUT you will come over to the dark side one day... I will bet you a Pie :lol:

ptwizz I am the local dealer!!!

I agree to the take of and F O rule we have to do it at Seymore's. We will have to speak to Steve and work out a suitable circuit route for the students

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steve once your qualified your have to come and fly with me at newhaven, we have no bobbies, and we dont mind noise, in-fact the noisier the better, the weather over the bank holiday weekend looks pretty crap, i dont see alot of motoring over the next few days, robin

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