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Flying with music

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I flew with the ipod for the first time last night and i will never fly without music again.

If you have never done it, do it.

Gives you something else to listen to other than the engine and no-one can hear you sing/scream... :)

Welcome!!!! lol

I Never fly without it. I normally have it low or off for take off then once in the air its concert time!

I even kitesurf with tunes, I really hate to kite without tunes now. I was going to get a set of those bose noise canceling herdphones but honest its to much money.

I have a really nice set of JVC's I put under the normal ear muffs and voila.

I've tried just about everything even bluetooth but good headphones under the muffs is the best. One tip i can give you is buy clear silicone for you buds they stick in the ear and dont slide out when you sweat

http://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Silic ... B004XFRLRI

I started using these for kitesurfing and found they work the best for everything even running. I see Sennheiser has made their CX 680 water prof now. This is a nice set of buds for sports.



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Hi T, what are the jvc,s you mentioned? earbud type phones are fiddly and I have tried many (I have non-standard ears).



These are what I have


But before you buy anything buy the silicone ear buds first. Grab any pair of ear buds around the house and see if you like the feel of the silicone. I use these in the water when kitesurfing and they stay in quite nice so they stick really nice for paramotoring.


Try to get some good quality ones

I have a med ear and use the large ones once its in "its in" lol also cancels some noise :mrgreen:

the buds have to be "in ear" not the ipod types below


I paid $35-$50 for the jvc's. They have some nice base. I like the buds with a little base.

So add the cancellation of the ear muffs and in-ear buds and its a concert up there.

I bought a pair of noise canceling ear buds but have not tried them yet


I hope this helps



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Thanks and very interesting, I find the iPod type sound the best but have to pull out the foam in my muffs a little so as to keep the earpieces in place. The bud type seems to seal too well in that I hear a buzzy "drone" effect. What I really want is to have over-ear types built into the muffs.



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I absolutely agree. Music makes such a positive difference for flying.

I used to use peltor headset with bluetooth and I like them but I had to abandon them at the moment since they doesn't cancel out the noise enough. Got some tinnitus that I have to keep under control. Functionality of them are lovely though.

At the moment I'm using peltor optime III ear cups that are as far as I know the best ear cups, or are there even better?

Under that I use philips in ear some kind of low end sports thing that works well with my ears, all those in ear have a tendency to pop out from my ears but this one sticks.

I'm no audiophile but I have considered buying molded in ear headphones. http://www.jays.se/products/q-jays-custom-molds it is expensive but compared to all other gizmos in this sport I think it would be okay. I think it would add to the general experience of the sport.

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I have the same

Peltor optime III (no radio) these with the silicon buds work great. I also have the microavionics head set with bluetooth & radio and don't use it. I'm a little pissed with the bluetooth. When I connect it without the microavionics connector the sound is mono.

What I mean is if I connect the iphone to the bluetooth and then connect a standand set up buds it goes to mono sound. :evil: anyone else have this problem?

I wonder if its mono on the microavionics too and just being sent to both ear muffs. Pissed what a waste.

Also buy the time I put all the kit (microavionics) on my helmet it was too much stuff if I'm not using the radio. We hardly ever use the radio here. So I put the standard Peltor III back on with not radio.

Nigel what ear muffs are you using. The buds fit under the peltors no issue.

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I am using the optime3 also. The sound quality is good with earbuds but I hear the engine more as a sort of droning sound presumably because the buds seal well, whereas the ipod type dont have this problem. Either way its a pain setting them up especially when you want a quick getaway, thats why I would like something that lives in the muffs so you just bang it on.


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I am using the optime3 also. The sound quality is good with earbuds but I hear the engine more as a sort of droning sound presumably because the buds seal well, whereas the ipod type dont have this problem. Either way its a pain setting them up especially when you want a quick getaway, thats why I would like something that lives in the muffs so you just bang it on.


I agree with you about the "Either way its a pain setting them up especially when you want a quick getaway"

Here is what I'm working on.

1. I have the optime3 (plain no radio)

2. I just found this place and ordered a pair of these baby's



The IASUS XSound 2 Helmet Speaker system is a superior sound experience delivered directly to your helmet, featuring outstanding, bass-enhanced audio and a slim, sturdy profile.

I'm going to mount them into the ear muffs leaving me a simple 3.5 jack to plug in for flight.

But if you wanted to take this further you could add a Throat Mic


add PTT and have a really nice setup!

next on mine I'm going to add a good BT (still shopping) but found this ti be the best so far



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Those earpieces look impressive. I use my iphone in a wrist pouch thing which supplies my music to earphones but also works ok for taking calls whilst flying, I just bring my wrist near my mouth using the phones built-in mic and throttle back a little, it works quite well.


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  • 1 month later...

Well the speakers came today



Nice short connector and extension with volume control (I`m not going to use the volume control)

But the best part is they fit right into the ear muff almost like they where made to be there



I have to figure out how to open these ear muffs (I think Allen posted something about this)

I will post some more pic`s as I do a little more. But so far a really nice purchase.


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nigel I think we got the solution!

So I used Allans doc to get these muffs open (thanks again Allan)

After I opened the muffs I cut some small holes to let the speakers sit in the foam a little


put the speakers in the holes


cut a small slot for the wire in the cup and red thing


put them together




You always need to add some industrial Velcro to the mix


and there you have it



Man I have to say the sound is only limited to the ipod!!!

Its clear load with bass.... two thumbs up!

Don`t even have to take the ipod off to charge!

I hope to fly with it this afternoon

No more wires and ipod lose in the truck flying around.

I can connect my phone or really anything to play some tunes!

I think these guys also make a set with a mic. I have another complete set of ear muffs and mic if I`m flying with radio so I didn't use it for this solution


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You have two options.

I always start the Ipod before I take off and put it on pause. This way I only have to hit the lower button on the pod to start the music. Volume control is easy with a quick swipe.

I'm left handed so I put the speaker lead on the left. This way when I put my hand behind my head my hand will touch the speaker lead and give my a general orientation of where the buttons are.

Say you lose control of the menu during flight. This is why I like the pod. worst case you tap the upper button 4-5 times and then hit the middle twice this will put you to "music" then two taps and your playing "all music"

Worst case get some height and unplug the pod and put it where you like and re attach. I've never had to do this. I use to have the pod in my pants pocket and worked blind no issue.

It was to funny last night the wife was thinking I was nuts walking around the house with the helmet on..... sound check :mrgreen:

She then asked "what the !@#$ are you doing"? I put the helmet on her head and she thought the music was really great quality.... but she still informed me that I was mad.....

cheers guys have a great weekend. I hope to kick out of work today and fly for a little, man it look great for the next 7 days

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Just an update.

I never thought about this but I have the Ipod connector for my truck and now as I'm leaving for the flying spot I put the helmet in the passenger seat and plug it in and play some music from the car (charges too)

So far I don't think you can find a better solution for flying with tunes. You get the noise isolation of the PIII ear muffs and the speakers are as good as it gets. I don't worry about my where my ear buds are is the ipod charged etc. My helmet stays in the truck and never leaves now.

Anyone looking for a cheap simple solution this works well.

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Just finished installing an SMH10r Bluetooth intercom in my Icaro helmet ear cups. First test was pairing and streaming of music and making phone calls with my IPhone over Bluetooth. It's very good indeed!

Next test will be the claimed 900m range Bluetooth intercom flying with a buddy. Will keep you posted.


Sent from Dorset on my iPad probably whilst drinking wine, lying in the sofa using PMC Forum mobile app

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