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Signification of wing size?

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If you look at the spec charts for wings. The most obvious answer determining the size of wing you choose is the amount of weight hanging under it.

If you choose a small wing and are heavy, you will go faster but need more power to climb.

Size is also a safety aspect. If you are too light on a large glider, the lack of loading may allow a collapse easier than if you were at a correct loading on a perfect wing.

The wings usually have recommended weight ranges eg 95 - 125Kg. Best to stick with those.



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You have to take advice from your instructor.

Once you have chosen Brand and model, then you look at size.

Most wings seem to measure size by metres squared of nylon ie 25,27,29,31 or 34

Each size will have an ideal weight range. You may fall into the safe category for two sizes, then you decide if you want a smaller faster wing that will need a bit more power and use more fuel or a larger wing that may be a tiny bit slower but offer more fuel economy.

Hope this helps.

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