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Minimum acceptable climb rate?

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Hi, I'm flying a Fresh Breeze Solo 210 with about 15hp.

My all up weight is about 115Kg, wing is a ReAction 29 metre squared.

With the original carbon prop my climb rate was 250 ft/min, with a replacement wooden prop which is a little fine for this motor I get 200 ft/min.

I would consider this to be about the minimum acceptable, so you have got a little in reserve if you encounter any sinking air.

Good luck with your choice of motor, have you considered the Bulldog?



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Better than those popping and banging diesels you flew on sat!!


Most of the banging (back firing) was due to both me and luke going from high RPM's and climbing to nothing and killing the motor then gliding in for the Skittles..

As for ave climb rate does everyone use the timed average on there Vario or just the instant. You need to have at least 30s to 1m setting to give you a good idea....

A V5 is never going to give you the same climb rate you can get out of the simo or other powerful 2stroke's.. I spoke to seymore today and he gets 2.2-2.5fpm the same as me and luke. If you do want a fast climb rate over 3.5-4.0fpm + then the V5 is not the motor for you with out a doubt.

I will ring you tomorrow to let you know if were going to hambrook as it is now looking windy...

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A 250 ft/min climb is plenty is with a 4 stroke . Yes the big two stokes can hit 450 but the draw backs are massive. High fuel consumption, noise, noise, noise, uncomfortable vibration and did I mention they are LOUD. I really don,t like to have them fly from my place as the neighbours complain so much.

As for worrying about sinking air, that is just a matter of anticipation . The only time it is really a problem is lee side wave and that can and should always be easily avoided.

Enjoy the new setup Barry and I will be flying with you soon.

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I was getting 200 - 250fpm on trims out and full throttle that day and climbing 100fpm on full bar.

You looked fine on the V5 on take off.

I have never had a motor with lots of thrust (Miniplane and now V5) but when I have flown powerful machines all the negatives Seymore has pointed out have negated what benefit there may have been in having oodles of power in reserve.

The V5 is perfect for the sort of flying I think you want to do.

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