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Volution Thor 200

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O.k Guys and Girls ,

Quick update on the new toy..

Fires up first pull everytime with no choke , but you need six foot arms to engage the Flash Starter...Bit awkward but getting used to it now .

I ve been used to a leccy start on my V2 and previous models , so a bit of forward planning is needed .

Runs lovely and is vibration free in flight .

Lots of power , produced right from tickover , and seems relaxed even when on full chat . Climb rate is fantastic .

Fuel consumption is way better than my previous V2 , even when playing silly buggers ... I d say 3lts hr in level steady flight , and no more than 4lts hr pratting about .

Im struggling to get used to the clutch...Fine when flying , but on take off , theres a delay between giving it some throttle , to when the prop spins up...only a couple of seconds i know , but again , needs thinking about and leads to a gradual launch , rather than the instant force i got on the V2 . Then theres landing...im having to alter my technique , because even when you kill the motor , the prop spins for a while still pushing you forward , so instead of picking a spot and dropping in , i ve been coming in more sedately !!

Again , just need to re adjust .

The kill switch is an arse when you ve got gloves on , and a time or two i ve landed with motor running and aware that the prop is still winding down .

Very pleased with the quality of the unit , and as i said , its so much more relaxed and quieter in flight .

Oh , and one more niggle , the Polini throttle is no where near as easy to use as the Parajet...the trigger is too big and gets caught on everything...so will change that A.S.A.P .

Overall very satisfied....7 hrs on the clock ! :D

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I just got the Thor 100 (did um and ah a bit about the 100 or 200). The Flash starter does need arms about six feet long but you're right, fires up first time with no choke.

You can cut the end half of the throttle lever off to make it less cumbersome (I'm told this is a common practice). I much prefer it to the Volution throttle as it's a lot less bulky.

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Mine was ready fitted. I was under the impression that there had to be a longer pull for the Flash mechanism to work.

when my motor is on my back I simply pull the starter over my shoulder, I dont have long arms and it starts half way through the pull.

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when my motor is on my back I simply pull the starter over my shoulder, I dont have long arms and it starts half way through the pull.

I start it on my back too, it's just that my hand is at waist level before it fires. I'll have a look into this, cheers.

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Thanks for the advice on the throttle and the Flash Starter everyone...I ll make adjustments .

Been for a 2hr flight tonight , beach skimming , over mountains up to 3000ft and generally arseing about .

I did nt fill the tank , but maybe a bit short , and was surprised when i landed to see i had a good 5ltrs left . Only estimates cause i have nt checked properly , but it seems amazing on fuel .

I reckon i could get 4 hrs on a tank in level flight ??

If only my bladder would last that long ! :oops:

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