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AWIS forecasts, Metars and Tafs by SMS

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Hi all,

Hope it is okay to post this message here, did not have time to fit it into the weekend forecast and thought it might be useful for you guys. Lots of you using AWIS already so you might have already noticed.

I'm delighted to announce that you can now get AWIS forecasts, METARs and TAFs direct to your mobile telephone, wherever you are in Europe via SMS. And you can try it out free of charge!

The main features are:

* Forecasts for any icao in Europe

* You choose Metars, Tafs or AWIS forecasts

* AWIS forecasts give surface & 2000ft wind, visibility, weather, cloud base/top, freezing level in 3, 6, 9 or 12 hour increments

* Metars and Tafs available worldwide

* If a location is not available, you are not charged

* Messages cost is 25p each

It's really easy to use and involves sending a simple text message to a number (447786202530). By return you will get the AWIS forecast, Metar or Taf that you requested. The service is available 24/7. I've put together a video showing how easy it is to use the service and you can view it here.

Everything else on the AWIS forecast site (www.awis.org.uk) stays the same (and free), but you do now need to register to use the forecasts. Register now by clicking here. Registration is free of charge and only takes a few seconds. Use of the forecasts remains completely free. Upon registering you will also receive a free text message credit so that you can try out the new service.

The reason for switching to a free registration system is that it enables me to track who uses the site more easily, let's you access forecasts by text message wherever you are in Europe, and it also prevents some sites using the forecasts and reformatting them.

Thanks to all of you for your support and I hope you like the flexibility of being able to access the forecasts as text messages, wherever you may be in Europe.

Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,


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