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Nasty crash at beach blast :-(

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I think the general consensus is the crash happened due to a build up of sand in one of the tips, which should have been emptied out before flying. (but they're still investigating)

One of the marshals noticed the trailing edge flapping just before it folded.

The guys on the road to recovery tho' and wanting to get back in the air asap 8)

(actually some of the above i said may be b******x, as things have moved on since the release of the vid. Poss dead air, plus full reflex, plus speed bar are also factors to be considered)

He went in hard and fast without warning :x

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I think the trailing edge sand has been refuted in another discussion.

One should note the prevailing winds @ 0.29 on the water plyon, that is was indeed a beach in Southern US, and risks were being taken to finish the course quickly in a sanctioned event.

My theory is a thermal beach release was triggered by the presence of the pylon and his left edge just happened to be in the lee of the pylon when it happened. While he did get off bar very quickly which would explain some of the pop, the turn happened quicker then a simple assymetric collapse would warrant. Thermic lift may have contributed to that as well, but it's all theory.

He brakes quickly to reinflate, which very likely slowed his horizontal motion although he may have traded some of it for vertical.

The winds were not calm at all, although he makes it look that way. Skillz.

As sore as he must be healing bones, it could have been much worse due to proximity of hard things where he landed.

Glad he's on the mend.

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