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Too much fun - nearly!

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As with everyone weather watching, you have to take the opportunity when it arises.

Yesterday was very hot over here, 30° but quite windy.

Had been into the big city in the afternoon so it was tempting to dive straight into a nice beer when we got home.

I resisted the temptation and luckily the wind dropped so it was up the field to play :D

I decided to have no other distractions, no camera, no mp3, I just wanted to enjoy the flying 8)

Took off, climbed to 600 feet, there was a breeze so progress was slow but it was smooth.

Once past a couple of hamlets I descended and had a great time flying low level over the fields and between the trees. There is a large expanse of just fields, no overhead wires, no roads and at the moment very few cattle.

I had a great time :wingover:

Eventually headed back to the field, at 500 feet not 5 :wink:

I had about a litre of fuel left and was enjoying myself too much to stop, so flew past to some other open fields to have a bit more low level fun.

I was watching the fuel level through the fixed mirror on the frame, but so enjoying the flying.

Thought I'd better call it a day so did a low level powered approach to the field and set down. Wow that was great I was thinking, whilst packing away I looked at the fuel tank and it was empty.

The Fresh breeze has a high tank and fuel is gravity fed to the carb, I checked and had just a float bowl full left :shock:

Very enjoyable flight though,


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lol Pete!

Good job! Good to hear the motor is working and you are enjoying! It's almost a sin to forgo the cold beer but the pay off was worth it. How did the beer taste after the flight? better? I find beer always has a better vintage taste after a flight. :mrgreen:

I kind of did the same I slipped out the back door of work at 4 and headed to the beach it was a 6-9kts wind rolling direct on the beach.

Funny thing about the fuel I kind of had the same issue. I stared to fly and could not get my glider to land.... It kept flying no matter what I did. Once the sun set and it got dark I tried to see how much fuel I had with no luck (to dark) but the glider still would not come in for a landing.

Finally when I could barely see the landing spot it calmed down and allowed me to land. I'm going to write Dudek about this defect in the Nucleon.



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