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Hi Guys

I am looking to get a new wing but my understanding of wings is pretty poor. My current wing is a skywalker. I bought it secondhand when I bought my paramotor. I have about 150 hours of flying under my belt. Me and motor are about 96kg all up, my current wing is 29 m.

Is there any new wings with ground breaking technology out in the next couple of months.

What is so special about reflex wings.

Many thanks.


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What do you want in a wing?

You need to be honest with yourself too.


1. I like to feel confident

2. I don't like to feel everything

3. I don't like a wing the moves really fast

4. How do I fly?

5. What are the conditions of my environment (smooth all the time turbulent etc)


Then, read, read and research.

Next try to hit a fly in where you can try a bunch of wings this is the best. I wish I could do this. I do to a degree I fly any wing that is on the ground not being used (and the owner is ok with me hooking on to their wing) It makes it easier I have the only Nucleon down here so everyone wants a go lol.

I do get to try most makes just not the models I would like.

Biggest word of advice I can give you is take the advice with several grans of salt then verify for yourself. It's hard to take advice on wings because there is so much personal preference to factor in when selecting a wing. But be honest with yourself I've seen so many people (many in free flying) buy a wing that makes them uncomfortable and in the end they fly less or not at all.

For example my XC type wing in paramotoring makes me almost fall asleep. I fell so comfortable to fly full tanks of gas down the coast.



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