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Bad press for PPG in France

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The FFPLUM are not taking this too seriously, this is part of their response:

Of the overflight incident of a nuclear power with a paramotor.

The French Federation of ULM (FFPLUM) deplores and strongly condemns the action taken today by Greenpeace, the Bugey nuclear power plant, using an aircraft type which is part of PPG 6 ULM classes of regulation.

This action purports to show that plants are not protected against aviation risks. This is not the first time that such amalgam is made ​​dramatically and demagogic.

On the merits, a unit of less than 110kg flying at 40km / h obviously does any kind of threat to a nuclear power plant. More generally recreational equipment (aircraft, microlights, model) have absolutely nothing like airliners or fighter planes.

Technically this action is completely ridiculous and inopérente.


Excuse the google translate for some of it.



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I have no problem with Greenpeace they do loads of good stuff,

But this can only be negative publicity for them as I for one feel less inclined so show any support to people who would spend my donated money on a paramotor and wing to go and do something to make the charity look stupid and loose the confidence of it's supporters.

I love 'positive' publicity stunts, but this one is a perfect example of the risk of the 'bounce effect' when they go wrong.


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Don't know who the pilot was, but they simply didn't consider rotor on a low downwind over that "structure".

The result was predictable except to them. Silly rabbit.

Did they even plan to land inside the facility or do a classic outside land and dash...

They're lucky it went parachutal at least.

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He might not have shown how vulnerable a nuclear plant is....but on a positive note, he did keep us all on our toes by showing how vulnerable our wings can be. And perhaps it might deter a few "would be" assasins from hijacking our sport in future. I hope

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