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Carb Tuning


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So I have a F-200 with Wal 37 carb. Just fitted a tach so I thought I’d have a go at tuning it up. First problem, I can’t hold on to the bloody thing a full RPM. Still I managed to tweak the Low and High to point where it picked up nicely and pulled to over 6K rpm (more there if needed). All this was done purley by ear. I then ran it up to full revs (well 6K since that’s all I could hold) and killed the engine. Checked the plug and saw a nice coffee colour. Then I let it idle for a while and again another nice coffee colour, a little darker but still coffee colour :D

I then counted the turns and they are High 1 turn out and Low ¾ turn

out. This is about ¼ turn less then the manual states (H=1.25 and Low 1). Is this typical?

Now the question I have is: Should I tweak these ¼ turn out and run it slightly rich or stick to my settings?

BTW, it was running very rich when I got it. Lovely black plug :shock:


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