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Nucleon abuse

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I don`t understand at the end he was trim out foot extended and then nothing happen all was cool. Then the canopy did a shrimp. Was that from pulling the brakes after?

No, he was testing full reflex (trimmers out) collapses by trying to pull A's as hard as he can (A's connected with that foot handle), the shrimp was the effect of releasing A's too quick after so much pulling

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I seen the trims full out and the a's being pulled down.

I would have thought the shrimp was from more pulling of the a's.

I'm surprised the releasing of the a's caused the shrimp. I just can not see the release causing this, know what I mean?

We use to do shrimps by pulling the inside a's for a rapid descent much like a b line stall (if it was supported by your glider of course).

I love the response of the glider! lol I was out this weekend flying from city to city on the Nuc. almost fell asleep on the way back lol


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