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Back in the saddle!

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I can't believe it's been 6 weeks. What with my little op and the flaming awful weather through out April :evil:

It has never been that long even when I've bent the motor and been waiting for spares :oops:

I've been airborne, no bothers at all and took a couple of pics to prove it.

The view once up there:


A good overhead of our house and garden. Shirley is right in the middle waving up to me:


A shot showing how full the river is:


And it looks like I can get to do it tomorrow as well :D

Cheers, a very happy Alan

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Good to see you up man!!!! I seen the picture of your house and thought the same you got so pissed off you started to burn paragider formations in the farmers fields!!!

I also got a good flight in yesterday. My go-pro was acting up missed a ton of good beach! love the pic`s!!!!! How did the motor run? You did some work right?

I actually got to fly with another glider lol. I`m getting tired of flying alone. I need to find some pilots that fly for more then 15min at a time and like to cover some ground.

I have a bbq today.... I want so badly to skip and go flying. Man this social thing gets in the way of flying.... lol if i had my way I`b be flying hermit! :mrgreen:

http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?go ... &sc=122062

Looks like 20kns coming in tonight maybe after the bbq I`ll go for a mildly impaired kite session. Next week is looking crazy good 25deg and nice wind.

I`ll post that night flight soon. I would love to try a night flight off the beach with the full moon. Man that would be ....... ok one more for the bucket list!

Cheers guys,


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