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Anyone have the Flymecc 100?


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Anyone have the Flymecc Carbon 100?

I'd like to get an owner's perspective on the paramotor. Not so interested in a seller's perspective at this stage.

Any (warts and all) thoughts would be very helpful.



hi dominic

bought the 2012 model which is now a 110cc as standard i am not a dealer just a normal guy learing to fly. the motr its self look like a top end motor the build quality is excellent the engine starts 2nd or 3rd pull from cold if you dont flood it that is , running is quiet sounds like a ktm80 motor cross bike .

i am only 5-7 and 80kg ready to fly this thing rips me off the ground no problem in fact i have to really manage the power on take or it can get interesting on a standard wing i can give it quit abit more on paramainia revo

i have had to press 26 flights half on HE120 half on the fly mecc and still consider my self a newby

fuel consumption is around 2 to 3 ltr per hour but still flying steady at moment in flight very comfy could fall asleep on a long run . great machine for me but as you know the choice is vast my fly buddy has just orded a new too he has a pap ross 125 , only fault i have is hour clock as defuncted but its in hand with yorkshire paramotors

hope this helps


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Thanks for your write-up Neil. I had pretty much given up on finding anyone for a point of view on this.

Sounds like you're happy with the machine. I always thought the Flymecc 100 looked fantastic. However, the 110s I saw at Basse-Ham weren't as inspiring - perhaps it was just the models on show.

Have you had a chance to weigh the machine ready to fly (without fuel)? How does it compare weight-wise to the feel of the Ros125?

Would also be great to hear your thoughts on reliability of the 110 engine when you've added a few more hours on it.


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hi Dom

my last Flymecc i had over 280 hrs on it when i sold it (demo modle) which It clocked up without fault.

the only thing I changed was the spark plug and fluid and this was part of the standard service schedual

I only sold the machine to get the latest 2012 machine in stock for people to have a look at / fly on

the old demo Flymecc now has 315 hrs on it and is still going strong !

due to the engines been built specific and not derived engines there bomb proof and mega reliable

if you would like to have a test flight let me know

I'm in York and have my own field to fly from

p.s dry weight 26kgs - 28kgs depending on which harness configuration you have



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