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Errm, for all you guys that have eaten my pies...


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Bit embarressing really!

We recently entered the British Pie Awards at Melton Mowbray.

Dropped off 9 pies to be judged against the best in the whole of the UK in various categories.

Didn't hear anything, so presumed we were not placed anywhere.

There were over 900 entrants this year.


And the results just released today.......

Steak Ale and Mushroom........Gold

Chicken Balti......Gold

Chicken Gammon and Leek.....Gold and Bronze (two categories entered)

Butternut and spicy veg......Gold and Bronze (two categories entered)

Just to give some perspective on this whole event.

Some of the entrants only Small Batch Producers. Possibly 200 pies a week, such as Piebury Corner.

We produce 8,500 - 10,000 a week, every week!!

This, our very first season, we have produced in excess of 250,000 pies.

So all you lot who have been chowing down on free pies, hope they were good?

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Free pies - where?

Seriously, well done enzo, great pity I can't get them in France :cry:



Oop, we were in Reims over the weekend Alan!

Mark, will deffo sort some for the next fly-in. New 'customers' only, not the usual freeloaders!! :explode:

If anyone is ever passing east worthing, just let me know, and will sort some out FOC.

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Damn it, here we go...



Funny as hell..wonder who the two loons in the video were... :roll:

Must say though the pies were superb !

Almost made up for the fact that Enzo tried to make me a human catapult later that day... :shock:

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The kinetic energy that built up into the custom made towing system was a direct result of the mass it was trying to lift from the ground.

When the rope tension was released from the towing operative (me), the tension applied to the rope during the process of hauling a lardy bugger (you), had to go somewhere!

Put simply - we pulled you up, rope released, happy finish.....

I still can't believe you ate one pie on the field and then 3 more when you got home!!!


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