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Night Flight

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Well I had my first night flight. Wow is all I can say.

Here in Vitoria Brazil we have a beach that now has lights almost the entire length. Its a bay and when you have wind its not a place you want to fly.

However almost every night the wind drops to zero just after dark. So a few of us decided hemmmm lets give it a go!

This was also my first zero wind forward launch with the Nuc. I honestly thought it was going to be a disaster. Two reasons, never done a forward with the nuc in total 0 wind and the sand is really lose. I thought the sand was going to get me for sure.

I watched a video or two where the guys took two-three steps back so this is what i did.... then commit 110%. I was amazed the Nuc jumped over head and i thought ok then....... its hammer time! full throttle here we come..... that was it.

The first turn over the water, black wow.

after a few passes I clicked on the tunes I cant tell you how surreal it was.

This location is neat in the fact that one person brakes the rules and we lose the right to fly. Less then half a mile to the NW is the local airport. After long talks with them and they made it crystal clear, one glider comes over the high rises and your toast!

So we have about 5-8k of beach we can fly but no more then 50m or so. It just happens to be about two blocks away for most of us.

I`ll post a video. The go-pro does not do night vids that well lol


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Sounds like your having fun there Tom.

Is it the beach that runs next to the Avenue Dante Michelini? Looks rather nice.

You're certainly not far from the airport, have they given you a height restriction as well?



It`s here open Google maps and plug this in

Av. Dante Michelini, 1527-1801 - Mata da Praia

you can see the airport behind. you can actually see the expansion underway right now. I hope to get another night flight in this week. it`s really nice to have a place like this two blocks away!

cheers did you get out today?


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