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Flying in Scotland beginning of May

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Next week looks perfect for flying up on the West Coast of Scotland . Last Year I went up to the Isle of Skye and had some really great flights.( you can see some videos on youtube at http://youtu.be/eWyX5qQyyVI and http://youtu.be/FFJB98llOuA )

Would anyone be able to join me next week from April 30th or May 1st. Looking at the weather it looks warm, sunny with light NE winds and temps around the low to mid teens. ( most of the rest of the UK looks windy and cloudy)

I would be camping at Loch Brittle, where you can fly from the sandy beach in front of the campsite, plus flying the truly awesome Trotternish Ridge and other beautiful spots. I might be ale to pick-up on the way North from Sussex or come in your own Vehicle

I will also hope to do some Kayaking, and will have my kitesurfing gear along just in case.

Short notice but that's how you get to fly these spots.

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Hey Seymore, I'd love to join you but have stuff on this weekend. Really jealous of your Skye trip, I love it up there. I just need to wait for the kids to move out and get myself a camper van. Perhaps 15 years.

Have fun and can't wait to see the movies!


15 Years. You can forget that Stuart. My girls are 19 and 22. Costing me more now than they ever did and I can't see when it's going to end. Student fee,s accommodation for Uni, cars, car maintenance MOTs insurance, frequent fuel top ups, etc etc etc.

I hope they both marry someone very rich and soon.

Good luck.

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Sunday morning and the weather looks perfect. A bit of wind forecast for monday and friday , but should be flying most of the week. Yesterday I turned up a bit late at Glencoe ski lifts and the 40 or so paraglider pilots and the odd Hangie were finishing up for the day as it was a bit overdeveloped. I went off and flew from Glenn Etive round the corner late in the evening. Nice...




GOPR0896.JPGCamping down at the Loch. And three days ago I was in London looking up at the Shard from london bridge and feeling totally out of place and thinking how so many can get it so wrong.

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\still fantastic weather up here. Shorts and T shirts. Phoned home and they had had an inch of rain so this might upset a few people These are from today at Glenn Sheil and over Elian Donan Castle. The seabreeze came in and the mountainsides were soarable. Flew for a couple of hours. Might get one more in late this evening





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. I have now had five consecutive days of sunshine and light winds. Today it is at least 20 degrees, except where the light seabreeze cools it off. I,m still on Skye and flew the Trotternish ridge again for the 4th time this morning and the NE coast near the Old man of Stor. Lots of video to edit when I get home . I have met up with three paraglider pilots and one hanglider pilot, Andy, Bry, Phil and Hugie, all from the Peak district, but because of the heavy Inversion it has not been very good flying for them. I have also done a bit of hiking and went into the Quiaraig, which is the spectacular rock formations on the Trotternish ridge , as well as Kayaking in my infatable kayak along parts of the coast that I scouted out from the air. The best place I found I had to climb up and down a steep 800 ft slope with my kit to get to the sea, but it was worth it. One more day of sunshine and the weather gets cold and will chase me home.


View from the table top inside the Quiaraing


The hill I hiked up and down with my kayak and the coast I paddled around


Flying one of the bowls north of the old man of Stor


Pumping up the kayak


exploring the coast


Trotternish ridge.

And Stuart the best place I found to take off from in Glenn Etive is a strip of ground between the river and the road about half a mile before you get to the big manor house. It is level, reasonably dry, with short grass and about 50 yards by 10 yard wide. However expect to find it covered in tents during the holidays as this area is all open to campers. If there is a breeze there are a few reasonable knolls of moderate tussuck grass and peat that are usable further up the valley. You would not be able to take off in nill wind as the ground is too soft .

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