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Traffic Alert Device


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Last flight here in Brazil I found myself 500m or so up and enjoying the view of the coast. I'm finding this view seems to be enjoyed by almost every pilot of small aircraft. During this flight I found myself relatively close to a small 3seater of some sort. This is not the first time this has happen. I think its normal for these small planes to take people out and enjoy the view. Most times I question how much attention is being payed to whats in front/around them.

Anyways this got me thinking is there a nice small alert system out there that would watch out for small aircraft and alert me if one is coming into range.

to my surprise I found this. I don't really like the price....


Digital range, scalable from 5NM to 1NM

Relative altitude, scalable from ±5000 ft to ±500 ft, with ascending/descending indicator

Menu-driven interface

A built-in altimeter provides the highest, real-time accuracy available

Displays the local squawk code and altitude

Audio alerts for threats and advisories

Installation kits are available

Super-bright red LED display is easily read, even in direct sunlight, and can be dimmed for night use

Indestructible polycarbonate semi-translucent housing ensures cooler operating temperatures on the glare shield, even in direct sunlight (no burning your hands as with metal enclosures)

Batteries (with 8+ hours of use)

-Tough as nails

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Unfortunately you can't rely on spamcanners to keep a good look out either :o

Cheers, Alan

Alan help me out, spamcanners? is that a UK term :mrgreen: or have you been into the sauce again due to bad weather?

I agree you need to keep an eye out. But how many times have you been playing around, wing overs, spirals and stuff? You are up high in that traffic area and not 100% watching your surroundings. even taking pictures and movies? what's coming behind you before you turn?

Just things I was thinking of after seeing two planes creep up on me.

One more thing, I'm in Brazil and I find not to many pilots have see a Paramotor. I become a point of interest to them ( I think) the last guy turned and started coming right at me. I was not sure at first what was going on until I seen them taking pictures. I was not sure if I should be pissed or not. Either way it was a little freaky.

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