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Help! Advice on paramotor needed.

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Hi All

Im Desperado on a bit of advice here please.

Before buying this i asked around abit and got told it would be ok but since ive bought some people have put a question mark on it so here goes.

Ive just started training all be it about i day a week at the mo due to instructor being only able to make it because of his other jobetc. Ive been told it will be August before i will be able to fly a paramotor.

I bought a Fresh Breeze SportiX with the Simonini engine 2 years old with 15 hours use.The question is is this unsuitable for a beginner to fly or even dangerous. I was going to pair it with a Dudek Synthesis wing 31. im about 92kg in me birthday suit and will have to pass a stringent ground handling course before being able to start my ppg.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

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It's only as powerful as your finger is on the trigger,

The key will be how good you are taught to use your finger!

Personally, I did a paragliding course before adding power, it gave me the knowledge of how my wing feels ( and I felt ) at 1000ft without the complication of the Paramotor,

Plus the wing control aspect of it and ground handling as you say payed dividends later on

I converted myself with no formal instruction, and besides jumping in the seat too early on my first launch - dohhhhh! I haven't looked back and I flew a Parajet macro with a synth 34 as I'm 120kg, it's like launching a bus!

If you haven't been in the air before I'd certainly go do a tandem paraglide, or a few lessons,

But that's my opinion...and what worked for me

Good luck

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I don't see the issue either. It's like buying GSXR 750 for your first bike. I only goes as fast as you twist the throttle.

But if you buy a XL500 to learn then really love to bike you end up selling the 500 to buy the 750 in less then one year and always lose money

So..... easy with the finger lol enjoy!



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