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Coming very soon to a screen near you!


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A little more info:

This will replace the current classified Ads page. It is a massively better site allowing, auction, buy it now or cash on collection.

As a part of your ad, you can upload 5 pictures and embed a you tube video into your listing.

At launch it will be 100% FREE to list, buy and sell on the site. After 60 days we will be turning on the charges which are:

A listing £1.

Home page feature:+£1

Made BOLD:+£1

People that will not pay are: Advertisers / Sponsors ( people with banner ads on this site ) they are classed as trade members and can list as many items as they like for ever and for free.

FULL (paid) members of this forum. As a paid PMC member you can list (private sale) products for free.

So the only people that will pay £1 each time are people who are not paid members of this site.


We are linking the date joined and username ( this forum ) to the date joined and username on the profile of the seller (in the marketplace). So not only do we have the standard feedback system, you can take a look through the forum, see who your dealing with, talk to them about the item and so on.

It's taken (as always seems the case) longer to get this done that we wanted, but it's a nats hair away now. I am very excited about it. :-)


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From the about us page.....

The Paramotor Club auction site is run by pilots for pilots.

The site was launched to offer an alternative but very targeted way for pilots and trade to buy and sell Paramotor related equipment with confidence and help to avoid high selling costs and time wasters.

We want to keep this site a SAFE place for new pilots to look for that all important first set of kit. As a seller / pilot we insist on accurate information and descriptions and we will monitor this and ask that you all do the same by reporting any unusual or unsuitable listings.

You will be able to see which of the sellers are members of the Paramotor Club forum so you can see who they are, and how long they have been a member.

Please now enjoy the site and make use of the free listing month!!.

If you have any concerns at all please call Simon W on his mobile: +44 (0) 7983 428 453


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