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Focus group for auction / classifieds.


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We have been working on an auction / classifieds section of the site to replace the existing one which although works well when it comes to actually selling things, is a little clunky to use at best.

The new site is designed to be similar to use to e-bay.

I am looking for a small focus group to have a play with the site and see if any errors come up.

We will not be changing the design as it stands but we are happy to chance functionality if needed.

Please let me know if you would like to be a part of this focus group and I will send details.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. :-)


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Thanks guys but we have the magic number now and are working through the niggles.

I am expecting to get a launch date later today ( and expect it to be 2 weeks max!! due to web geeks on holiday for a few days )

I am very excited about it :acro:

Here is the text from the about us page.

The Paramotor Club auction site is run by pilots for pilots.

The site was launched to offer an alternative but very targeted way for pilots and trade to buy and sell Paramotor related equipment with confidence and help to avoid high selling costs and time wasters.

We want to keep this site a SAFE place for new pilots to look for that all important first set of kit. As a seller / pilot we insist on accurate information and descriptions and we will monitor this and ask that you all do the same by reporting any unusual or unsuitable listings.

You can see which of the sellers is a member of the Paramotor Club forum so you can see who they are, and how long they have been a member, and read his/her posts.

Please now enjoy the site and make use of the free listing month!!.

If you have any concerns at all please call Simon W on his mobile which is +44 (0) 7983 428 453

UPDATE: Expected launch date 14 days. :-)


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