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Great site he had up there, pity he is loosing it, however sounds like Geoff has found another , flown from the alconbury site a few times, nice place to fly, and he was outside the olympics no fly zone

We have recently learned of rumors on certain internet chat forums and from individuals regarding the future of ParamotorsUK and its present flying site near Alconbury.

The team and I would just like to clarify and put to bed such malicious rumors that ParamotorsUK is NOT closing down and finishing as some have suggested, however the land owner where ParamotorsUK training facility operates from has decided not to renew the annual lease after many and very successful years of operation at the site. Therefore the airfield will no longer be actively used as a training site or Microlight strip from the 1st of April 2012. The relevant aviation authorities, military and mainstream aviation publications have been informed of this subsequent change.

The past 14 years at the present site have provided many happy memories for us all as I am sure it has done so for many Paramotor & Microlight pilots who have attended fly-ins or completed training there. Two National competitions were hosted along with two large charitable fly-in’s in 2005 & 2007, which were used to raise much needed funds for the local air ambulance charity. Plus smaller fly-in’s we have had at the Alconbury site over the years. A big thank you to those who helped and attended these events.

Both ParamotorsUK & Skydragons Leisure Ltd who have successfully shared the facility continue to sell Paramotors and provide Paramotor training, now and in the future.

The new flying site we are currently establishing looks on the face of it to be even better then the existing site. We will post additional info on our website as and when it becomes available. At present we are currently busy with ongoing training of existing and new students along with machine and equipment sales as well as assisting Pilot magazine with an article and photo shoot for Paramotoring, which will be published in next months edition.

So just to reiterate ParamotorsUK IS NOT CLOSING and we continue to operate as we have always done so. Please contact us for all training or Paramotor enquiries.

Geoff Soden

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