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new to the sport

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hy does any one paramotor around the wakefield area or should i say any one live near wakefield who paramotors.well i am new to the sport so new i have not had my first lesson because of the bad weather :( .i am booked in to have lessons with paul haxby he seems to know his onions.cant wait i have watched loads on youtube looks amazing even the crashes. im abit scared of hights but love the view from planes.hope this does not hinder me in any way.lots of motors out there whats a good one same with the wing any help would be great. cheers dave wiper

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I lived in Wakefield, went to school there and get back there a lot (family) spent a lot of time on heath common which is great for ground handling practice. Unfortunately I've had to move to Cheshire with work but still class myself as a yorkshireman. A hill paragliding friend of mine just bought a RAD MXL paramotor which I've had a play with. Planning to do some PPG lessons with him once the weather improves. Trouble is, whenever the weather is good I can't resist free flying on the hills so will need to discipline myself!

Good luck.

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Most of the dual PPG/PG pilots I know seem to achieve about a 10:1 ratio of hours over the year due to the flexibility of PPG. I keep thinking of going down the PG route but my previous attempt (mixed in on day 1 of EP training with no-hopers holding us back and no credit for previous experience) means that I can't be bothered. I shall just continue to fly my paramotor as a motor glider.

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