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Memory Map for Android


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Memory Map have released a version of their Mapping tool for Android.


It seems a bit fussy to set up initially as there are hundreds of different options that can be diplayed on screen, and you have to get the balance right between displaying key informaton and being able to view the map.

I downloaded a CAA chart that I purchased online straight to the device from my Memory Map account which is a nice feature. I then took some test routes that I had created and loaded them up from my PC.

Strangely you cannot load memory maps own MMO files from the PC. They need to be saved as GPX files in the PC based app first. Then transfered to a specific folder on your Android device.

There is also no landscape mode.. at least I couldnt find one. It needs to include a landscape option to make best use of the phone display in my opinion.

Over all its not a bad app but could do with some interface improvements both for file transfer and the display.

If you already have the PC version with the required CAA maps I would say go get it. If not I would suggest waiting until a couple of major version upgrades have been released.

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I gor an 7" android tablet of eBay for £100 and downloaded the memory map app too, works great and has a landscape option on the tablet . Has great route planning abilities or it just tracks your route.

It was a toss up between this or the aware thing but that's silly money!

Only problem is my maps out of date by a few years! :shock: Just paid £20 for my 2012 paper map so reluctant to pay another £20 to buy the digital version (again)

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