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My record attempts

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I have been trying to set some paramotor records this year mainly the economy one's... Limited fuel in a closed circuit.. I thought i would share some photos and a link or two if anyone s interested...

On the 25/2/2012 I chose to try my hand at an attempt. I called on Michel Carnet to see if he would be my official observer for my first attempt. Which he did and i made it all the way around my and finished back at guildford after 137.48km beating Michels two year old record of 127km.

Ten days later Michel call me up for a return favour. This time i was his observer.. He can back a 149.65km

Since then an aussie Matthew Fox has beaten Michel and i with a 151.9km

On monday 2 may i flew a 165km triangle in 5h20m on my Ozone Speedster and Bailey V5

http://uk.mg.bt.mail.yahoo.com/ya/downl ... hooMailNeo

Unfortunatly i will not be able to claim this as a record due to the fact my northern turn point is less than 35 degrees...


weighing all up weight


Foker tri plane Beautifull sight to see


In a thermal with a Sailplane at 3500ft and climbing


Liss in front of me from 3000ft


A record or records can be found here


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