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Parajet Zenith


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With the Polini 200 or the V5 Bailey it will cost £5,799.

The Polini 100 will be £5,599.


kin ell ! :shock:

Oh. That is very expensive.

It may be good and innovative BUT that IS a lot of money. :shock:

innovation is good but only if it gives a far greater benifit than what is currently on offer, the Zenith offers nothing that cant be had cheaper elsewhere

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You can get a Bailey for less money because its a 'cheeper' machine ;-)

I think the cost is largely due to the cost of the engine it's self of course but also, every part of the paramotor comes out of a CNC machine.

When you see the paramotor in the flesh you will notice it is of F1 type quality, the quality really is as good as it could possibly be. The thought, time and money that has been poured into the Zenith project is massive and it shows.

The only reason it's too much money for me is because I don't have enough. 'yet' ;-) If I did have it, I would order one yesterday. (with the Poli 200)


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Ok - less of the hype and internet plugging 8)

25kg auw with the Polini 100

28kg auw with the Polini 200! and 80kg of static thrust (not 95!)

My all stainless steel welded PM is 26kg auw with a Polini 100, so maybe a bit less hype and a little more action :mrgreen:

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Lets get real on pricing here, you can get the Bulldog with Moster engine, 24kg all up for £4295.

I know what I would be buying :D



But it is a work of art though :shock:

Look at that tank handle... over engineering at its finest! But what a thing to have at the fly-in's with all the ooh's and aaah's you are going to receive from your fellow aviators :mrgreen:


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Zenith V5 is a bargain at £5799.

It's £350 more than the cheapest V5 Paramotor I can find.

I was that impressed with the Zenith I signed up as a Parajet Dealer.

I am still unbiased, I am KobraPPG importer & Xgeneration. All motors have pros and cons depending on the pilots needs. Zenith folds up small, volition and Kobra do not, but they are quicker to assemble for examples...

Got 2 coming in, 1 is a Moster at 23kg 70kg+ thrust.

The other I'm thinking thor200 (thanks SW)

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