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trim speed

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It could also be how your wing behaves with different speedbar and trim settings.

My Reaction 29 does bugger all on the trims, but then goes all out on speedbar. I've heard that more recently produced wings (but don't quote me) are biased more towards the trims and less on the speedbar to reduce cruising effort. Which makes sense :)

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i fly a speedster 30 and did the same thing myself the other night and found i had an increase of about 10-15mph from neutral to fully out, this was nil wind sunset evening time and i had to increase revs by about 800 to maintain level flight and could feel the wing surge and speed up

i would be mighty pissed off if my wing didn't speed up trims out, like you said, i thought that was the whole point.... sell it and get a speedster :wink:

I agree, I would be pissed too. I fly a nucleon and I've done some testing and even releasing one side of the trimmers I can feel that side speed up and the wing starts to fly sideways until I release the other side. Once both are out I have to increase the throttle because my sink and speed has increased. I can verify the speed increase on the vario.

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As barry said it's hard to tell when up high.... Did you have a GPS??? this will give you an accurate reading of your true speed

If your wing does not accelerate when you put the trimmer out get it checked out... Or as Meds said buy a Speedster!!!!

I know a place you can get one Matt!!!

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I got the PPGPS app for android phones and have been using this for speed and i just ran round the garden with my Gaming aswell and only the garmin picked up my speed!! Think the app is a crap

It's not the app it's android that's crap... :lol:

My revo has a big increase with the trimmers then another big one with the speed bar.

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