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My 1st paramotoring video on my Flat Top & Sky Atis 3.

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I just bought an Atis 3 after test flying one could not believe how good it was for me found it very agile and responsive, i could put myself exactly where i wanted to be, sharp turns and low passes were easy, so looking forward to getting mine.

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Thanks guys. Took a while to get flying as I did have an injury two years ago with a RAD attempting my first motor flight but glad I managed to get over my motoring fears eventually. Upgraded my Sky Atis 3 with a Ozone Rush 3 for paragliding which leaves the Atis free for paramotor use. Have had a 3rd flight last weekend with a 22 mile XC from which I'm still buzzing. After pestering you for a while Dave I've finally done it. Had to settle for a FT160 since the Ninja was not possible for me, reasons which you know lol. You are welcome to fly my wing anytime Dave, no problem at all.

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Neilzy - The Sky Atis 3 wing is one of my favourite wings to fly, however, I have been paragliding over the weight limit so had to replace it as dieting is getting too hard lol. Wishing you many safe and enjoyable flights mate.

Meds - Just getting started and need to build my experience so not thinking of any fly-ins just yet but I will definitely join you in the future (God willing). In the meantime, if you're in the Manchester area then send me a PM as me and a few friends have a field next to the Birch Services on the M62 from which we fly. Take care and fly safe. edit: now that you have mentioned it, I will try to attend as it sounds like a good laugh.

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